Wednesday, June 07, 2006

MY STORY 2 My First Day In Australia

My first day in Asutralia was happy and exciting. As the wheels of the plant touched down, I let out a long breath. Yes, the long boring journey was finally over. My Australian life would be starting.
When the doors were opened, all passengers began moving forward. Everything went smoothly. Soon I would meet my girl friend, but when I walked to Customs, my heart began sink. I’d never seen such a long queue before. I thought it was the longest queue in all of countries’ customs around the world. Have you even had the same feeling? The more I quickly wanted to meet my girl friend the more slowly I felt the queen moved. It took me almost one hour to pass through Customs.
My girl friend was standing there in the hall, her eyes staring at the exit gate.
‘Are you tired?’ she asked me with a smile.
‘Well, no....’ I answered. That was a very simple chat, but on both of our faces a happy smile floated.
On the way back home, I looked around outside of the car at the buildings, house, plants and blue sky. I enjoyed a breath of fresh air, and forgot my tired. I knew the Australian life was coming truly now, I hoped my new life would be a happy and fulfilling one for me.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MY STORY 1 An Eventful?

Have you had an experience that is despair sad and delightful at the same time? Yes, I had one, and I will always remember it.
It was 11 years ago I was working in Osaka. On day, I wanted to take a business trip to Taiwan. Due to my boss want to save money, I had to bring many samples of our country's produsts. They are loaded in three big suitcased, inclouding my own, there were six. So I ask Maida who had just come in our group for three mothes to send me to airport.
At Osaka Station I found there were a few minutes before the train came. So I asked Maida to stand near our luggage, and I went toward a vendor machine about 30 metres away from Maida to buy a coca. AS soon as I put a coin into the macine the train came. When the doors opened passangers went out en masse, and I conldn't get back to my luggage. I had to wait at that time suddlenly the boll rang and the doors were closing. I shouted to Maida to get on the train quickly and I had to get in to a different carriage. While I was getting on the train started moving.
Soon I met Maida, but I found there were only four suitcases.
''Where are the other two?'' I asked supriesed.
''Well, they are on the platform'' He answered apologetically.
''What? you are pulling my leg!'' I was mind-boggling and angry, ''Why didn't you take them in?'' .
''You asked me to get into the train and I had no time to bring all of them in.'' He saied innocently.
My God, What a person! I had no time to complain to him. This train was an express, the next stop would take a long time. I must take my cases back.
So I squeezed to the end of the train to ask the conductor for help. The conductor contacted Osaka staion with the radio. After a few minutes I was told they could do nothing. The best way was to get out at the next stop and take another train back to Osaka. I was so despaired and sad standing there.
After 40 minutes I returned to Osaka Station.
When I went down to the platform I didn't believe my eyes, all the cases were still there! I was so happy, relieved.
Although It was the most rushed time for me to check in at the airport, but I still feld happy.
Today was my eventful day but had a luck end.